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I (think I) successfully installed from the Debian quickstart package. However, when I go to log in to the web-based admin page, it says that my password is not correct.  It also says that the initial user name and password should be the same as this site, which I checked again: They are.  
There was one additional issue with naming of the machine: dce_router is not a possible name, as underscores returned an error, and a message that they are not legal in naming of machines.  So, I named it dce-router.
Any help with the admin login problem would be gratefully appreciated.

That is odd.  Are you familiar with a Linux console, and how to login?  If so, please login as root and type this:
#That will start the sql database client and give you a mysql> prompt, at which type:
use pluto_main
select * FROM Users;
#You should then see the contents of your Users table, and there should be 1 record with your user info.  If you don't see any records, please do a "select * FROM Device;" and let me know if you have records in the Device table.  The 'password' column contains your password as an md5 hash.  If you want to see a password as md5, type this:
select md5('foo');
# where 'foo' is what you think your password is.  That will show you your password as an md5 hash.  Is it the same as the md5 column?  If not, then somehow the password is different.  Please e-mail me the md5 hash that is in your table to aaron.b at plutohome dot com, and I'll check to see if it's the same as on our server.  If you want to change the password, type this:
update Users set Password=md5('newpassword');
#to set the password to [newpassword].  Type 'quit' at the mysql> prompt to exit mysql and return to the Linux console.  Whenever you login with the pluto-admin site your password is validated against that Users table in your local database.  So the failure was either (a) that the user record wasn't pulled from the website, or (b) that the password in your local database is not what you think, or (c) that there's a problem with the pluto-admin page.  Please let me know so we can figure out what went wrong and be sure to correct it.  Thanks.

It appears that there are no records in the Users or Device tables, which would explain why I couldn't log in.  Why the installer did not create the records is a different question.  I will attempt to create the record for user, but for device there could be an issue...

The database is populated with it's initial data during the DCERouter's post install script.  This gets run automatically when you install the Debian packages.  Did you install with Debian, or by source, or a .tar file?

The post install script does this:
wget -O /usr/pluto/install/database_initial_data.sql "$code&device=$device"

where code is your activation code and device is the device id.  It then does:

 /usr/bin/mysql pluto_main </usr/pluto/install/database_initial_data.sql

All our internal testing is with Debian and using the Debian packages.  There are actually quite a few post install scripts that need to be run for everything to work.  The programmer who is responsible for all the scripts is a bit behind schedule and has not yet started created rpm packages and other mechanisms for doing the same thing on a non-debian system.

If your system is non-debian, just try running the wget and the mysql command manually.

Thanks for your help.
I *did* do the install from the Debian Quickstart CD downloaded from PH, which is why I was a little surprised that it hadn't successfully run the mySQL scripts. It wasn't a network issue, as most of the packages appear to have installed correctly, and they were downloaded.
I will either run the scripts that you suggest from the command line, or perhaps try running the Quickstart again over the top of my current installation.  
Any other suggestions?


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