Author Topic: Replace Savant Systems media controler  (Read 1402 times)


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Replace Savant Systems media controler
« on: January 25, 2016, 08:39:36 pm »
I currently have a Savant media center controller that controls all my TV's and other media devices in my home.

I want to replace it for two reasons, we bought it with the house, so I have to pay someone to make any changes, and second, I prefer to have a linux system doing this function rather than apple.

At any rate, the only part of the system I want to change is the computer.  I do not see any reason to replace any of the other equipment.

Can anyone tell me if LinuxMCE, can be configured to replace the Savant control computer?

I hope everyone understands what I am asking.  I am not knowledgeable in equipment names, so if you ask me for info on what I have now, please give me the proper name, and then tell me what it should look like, I can then tell you what I have.

Just some basics,

I have an ipad that has the Savant remote control program on it.

It talks to the thing I want to replace.

The thing I want to replace sends signals to a controller that through codes changes the media settings, and I believe it sends the devices in my house commands to turn on etc over Ethernet cable, and RS232 connections (most of my TV's have these connections, my Blueray's have IR-extenders connected to them.

Most things then are run through a receiver that has HDMI and component connections on the back, this mainly is for the volume, though some devices get their video channeled through this as well.

At some point the video is sent through Ethernet cable to component video boxes one in my media control room, and the second near the TV.

I hope this all makes sense.  Any help is appreciated.



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Re: Replace Savant Systems media controler
« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2016, 09:33:11 pm »
Keep what you have, and ask someone to modify it to your needs.

OR prepare to invest at least a couple of month to get yourself acquainted with how LinuxMCE works, what kind of equipment you currently have, and how it is controlled, and how LinuxMCE might fit in.

LinuxMCE works best if each video output is served by a dedicated Media Director (for example a Raspberry PI2). Many other automation systems work by utilizing HDMI matrix switches.

Where are you located?