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Initial Installation Impressions and Questions
« on: April 05, 2007, 12:59:09 pm »
I've just set up LinuxMCE (1.0) on Ubuntu (Edgy Eft 6.10), and after moving my existing media into the Core, I have some questions:

Can the Media Browser (through the web UI at least) only handle 5 directories deep? e.g. /home/public/data/videos/NameOfSeries ? I have existing content that ended up in /home/public/data/videos/Anime/NameOfSeries (6 folders deep) and I can't seem to get to it through the Media Files Sync interface, although the files do show up in the browsing list.

(And incidently, the default skin doesn't like names that are all one word, with spaces replaced by underscores.)

Another issue I have is when I right click with the mouse plugged into the Core/MP (hybrid), the screen flickers and a view of the "basic remote" appears for an instant, before returning. I'm currently using the Web Orbiter from my laptop to control the Core/MP hybrid, during playback.

(And.. the web orbiter has now locked up, constantly showing the same image from the menu of the DVD that I just clicked on to start. I haven't done a router reboot yet though, only quick restarts.)

The folder /usr/pluto/installer had files of all downloadable Orbiters, but they are all 0 bytes.

Movie playback didn't pick up subtitle files (.srt).

Things you may like to know:
Initially I didn't have MP3 support. After a bit of research (how to get mp3s under Ubuntu) I installed the libxine-extracodecs package, "sudo apt-get install libxine-extracodecs" via ssh. This could be good to add to the default packages installed.

Ubuntu by default had no decss, as I was warned in the LinuxMCE docs. But so people know, the usual "how do I get DVDs to play in Ubuntu" guides will tell you what to install.

The Windows Orbiter (2.0.0) would not run under Wine.
I followed these steps:, installed it, then downloaded, and put it it the Orbiter directory (~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Pluto/Orbiter on my system) as pthreadVC.dll, because Wine said it was needed.
I ran the Orbiter with the -r and -d options specified at the command line (-r ip.of.core -d devicenum ), I also tried -L (loopback mode) but it failed consistantly.
Under VMWare it worked a little better, -L got up an SDL Window, but nothing more. I haven't tried on a real Windows install, the wife is using it right now. (Hmm, if its an SDL app, and pthreads based...)

The Web orbiter is almost imposssible to use on my iPaq (200x320 screen), in either IE or Minimo (Mozilla build for iPaq). I couldn't click on anything fast enough before the next automatic refresh time kicked in, I think. That or the browsers don't support image maps.

Well, just wanted to share my initial impressions. I'm going to continue using it, it's better then the previous cobbled together HTPC setup I had (KDE and Xine), and hopefully as I get time I might even contribute some code, probably towards a Orbiter for my PDA.