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Noobie here:
« on: April 04, 2007, 12:47:35 pm »
Hi Guys,
I'm new around here, but have been using Linux for quite awhile. I have a spare SATA drive for my home entertainment system and will be giving LinuxMCE a whirl this weekend (I'm using XP MCE & a Topfield TF6000 at the moment. There is also a Ubuntu based file server for media feeds)

That said, I am disappointed that here we have another Linux project headlined as

      LinuxMCE is a free, open source add-on to Ubuntu including a 10' UI, complete whole-house media solution with pvr + distributed media, and the most advanced smarthome solution available. It is stable, easy to use, and requires no knowledge of Linux and only basic computer skills.

on the home page when a quick perusal of these forums and the Wiki will quickly reveal that one will indeed need MORE than "no knowledge of Linux and only basic computer skills."

I trust the above will be regarded as positive criticism, but feel free to flame- I often get shot down when I challenge some of the creative spin the Linux community puts out ;)

Anyway, looking forward to my LinuxMCE experience


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Re: Noobie here:
« Reply #1 on: April 04, 2007, 01:18:52 pm »
You might be right in some points, but you have to think that this is 1.0 version and the system is allredy incredibly easy to use considering all that it does, and the amount of different standards and equipment it can use. So considering that, yes, I think is quite easy to use. Maybe it needs some arrangements in some places, and I am sure that will be solve in next versions. Hope you enjoy linuxmce.