Author Topic: Full HDMI-CEC Control Available with RaspCEC-Pi (even over Wifi)  (Read 4327 times)


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Full HDMI-CEC Control Available with RaspCEC-Pi (even over Wifi)
« on: November 24, 2014, 02:06:37 pm »
RaspCEC-Pi now supports all of the currently implemented/working CEC device types & all CEC command types;

- TV
Command/Query examples; Standby ON/OFF, Power State, EPG Language, Cursor Control, Vendor ID
- Recorder1, Recorder2, Recorder3
Command/Query examples; Standby ON/OFF, Play/Pause/FF/RW, Record, Status, Vendor ID
- Tuner1, Tuner2, Tuner3, Tuner4
Command/Query examples; Analogue/Digital Service Select, Status, Record, Vendor ID
- Playback1, Playback2, Playback3
Command/Query examples; Standby ON/OFF, Play/Pause/FF/RW, Status, Vendor ID
- Audio System
Command/Query examples; Standby ON/OFF, Input Select, Vol UP/Down, Mute, Status, Vendor ID
- “Unregistered” if it’s the initiator address, “Broadcast” if it’s the follower address.

For LinuxMCE users you will need to create a custom GSD device to provide access to CEC control on your system. We provide details of how to create one yourself with each license. We are also working on a CEC GSD device that we will provide as part of your license that you can add to your system. The RaspCEC-Pi LinuxMCE GSD device should be available shortly and will be made available to all customers a no cost.

Install our RaspCEC-Pi firmware on a new Raspberry Pi Model A+ with a usb wifi adapter and use a spare usb port on your TV to power it.  No power adapter or CAT5 cables to run. Get full control of all the devices attached to your TV's HDMI ports anywhere in your home without needing to run any cables at all.

Any questions please contact me here by PM or email me here;

All the best

Andy Herron,

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