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Dianemo Exposed - Using Wifi for Audio/Video & Control
« on: November 24, 2014, 12:29:44 pm »
A Series Highlighting How to Configure your Dianemo System

With the availability of good quality Wifi 802.11g/n routers & devices in recent years using wifi to connect your devices to your Core/NC has become a reliable solution. There are many situations where running new CAT5 cables in a property is not possible. It might be because the property has been recently re-decorated, the property might be rented or it might simply be that you just don't have CAT5 in the right places. In all these situations and many more too using Wifi is a viable solution in the vast majority of cases.

In smaller properties, or apartments, a single wifi router may be all that is required to get good signal coverage. But in larger properties you may need to consider using wifi extenders to extend the range of your wifi LAN to more distant locations. Wifi extenders are readily available now if you need them and are very affordable too.

The main advantage of using wifi is that you can locate your wifi device wherever you have a power outlet. Below a TV or Audio Amplifier for example or in the case of devices like Raspberry Pi's tucked behind the equipment you need to send audio to or control is possible too.

As a company we have a lot of experience with wifi in installations through both our professional installers and software license customers. I have several Raspberry Pi's around my home and they are all connected over Wifi. In my case i'm using wifi connected Raspberry Pi's for  CEC control, XBMC video and SqueezeLite audio. We have customers who also have SmartTV's connected over Wifi too.

Clearly if you've invested in CAT5 to each room then use it. But if you haven't or if you forgot to run that now very important last run of CAT5 to a guest room then go with Wifi for sure.

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