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squeezelite as an alternative to squeezeslave

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I wanted to swap out my squeezeslave instances with squeezelite as the former is no longer actively developed and also cannot handle Spotify streams.
Squeezelite is available on trusty but you have to build it yourself for precise.
I went digging to find out how to add it, packages+DT, "the right way" to LMCE.
From this effort I have a number of questions;

 - I found a git clone on the squeezelite site with additions to support building a deb package. Turns out Uplink did this work. How can this be used by Linuxmce?
 - To build this deb other packages are required - again not on precise, but available via another PPA, Can these be added with the package manager?
 - Can DTs be copied? or one based on another?


Should work just as nice as all the other squeezeboxes (HW or SW)

Oh, they do. I was just looking for "the right way" to add them.


Just replace the squeezeslave script and adapt the template if required for your use case. Works fine. I suggested using squeezeslave and squeezelite next to eachother some time ago but it was insisted on swapping one for the other. I get so disapointed seeing effort being lost like this when the biggest problem is the amount of development power around lmce.

I've done this by adjusting the script. But this isn't the right way to do it.
Squeezeslave could be replaced by squeezelite or I don't see a reason either why they couldn't co-exist - why did they need to be swapped? can you point me to the discussion in the forum?.

The existing template and script could be extended to run either binary - but that adds additional package dependencies that squeezeslave doesn't require.
Adding Squeezelite to trusty to coexist with squeezeslave, on the surface, looks manageable.
Adding it to precise is that bit harder with the packages not being available from linuxmce/kubuntu repos.

@phenigma - you did a lot of work with the packaging setup and addition of Raspi stuff - can you advise on my initial queries?



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