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NAS - FreeNAS, LMCE or something else?

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I'm looking for a reliable and easy way to store my data so that I can access it from any of the devices in my home while automatically backing up data. I'm in the process of learning about FreeNAS and I like what I see but I'm having a hard time determining if it's a good fit for me.

In order of priority, this is what I'm looking to do:
Critical Data Storage – I currently have ~30GB of data that I would consider critical and irreplaceable. Normally new content is added rather than changed. I currently use a combination of Dropbox and google drive to protect that data but I would prefer something a bit more seamless.

Replaceable Data Storage – The bulk of my content is recorded TV shows or movies for LMCE. That content is generally removed after consumption. It is not irreplaceable but would be a PITA if lost.

Usenet Download Server – I've recently started using sabnzbd, couchpotato and sickbeard on an old P4. I can see myself digging more into them and expanding into more related applications which are available as FreeNAS plugins. I suspect that if I didn't do FreeNAS that I'd be able to run these applications on my LMCE core. (right?)

I like the RAIDZ2 reliability in FreeNAS but considering my limited needs, it seems like it will be the cost of a FreeNAS box with four matching HDs is significant.

What options should I be looking into?

Thank you,

With todays HDD sizes, I put my storage where it belongs, into the core. And the backup is done to an outside server via rsync.

I have recently gone centralised with my data and I haven't looked back. Big hard drives in a D-link NAS making up the primary storage, and then I have a second D-link NAS which is effectively a clone.

The 2nd NAS is set up to not show its content in LMCE. Also I wouldn't go near a RAID setup, I have never liked the idea of data being automatically mirrored, also every time I read about RAID it's usually in the context of somebody having issues with it. I use rsync like possy says to backup, run by a cronjob. This way you can decided which folders are backed up incrementally, which ones are mirrored, etc.

Like you I didn't want to back up all of my movies. However a nice compromise is to have the cronjob also run "ls" on the directory in question and put the output into a text file with a date stamp. That way if the hard drive goes down, I at least have a list of what I had.


I love RAID for what it is meant to be: SWMBO will be able to continue watching whatever she wants to watch even when (not if) one hard drive goes bad. rsync is for backup, RAID is for peace of mind.

IMHO FreeNAS is the best way to go for several reasons: ease of setup, ZFS, Plug and Play with LMCE, etc.  In my setup, I use FreeNAS setup with RAID 5 and with a dual NIC - one for my personal network and one on the LMCE network.  Once you have your FreeNAS setup, you can add Transmission, Sickbeard and Couch Potato to download media that will automatically show in LMCE...


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