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Roku Template 2049


I'm trying to use template 2049 which is controlling the player correctly
I changed the media type to DVD so that the remote would be more accurate
and that also created the media scenarios that were not being created automatically
but I get no video on screen; i do get remote on orbiters and I can get video if I log in with x-forwarding, change the input via v4l2-ctl  and type mplayer /dev/video0.

DCERouter.log says:
08 07/06/14 13:22:14.146  Received Message from 0 (unknown / ) to 10 (Media Plug-in / Server Area), type 1 id 43 Command:MH Play Media, retry none, parameters: <0x94ffcb70>
 08 07/06/14 13:22:14.147    Parameter 2(PK_Device): 98 <0x94ffcb70>
 08 07/06/14 13:22:14.147    Parameter 29(PK_MediaType): 12 <0x94ffcb70>
 08 07/06/14 13:22:14.147    Parameter 45(PK_EntertainArea): 2 <0x94ffcb70>
 01 07/06/14 13:22:14.148  debug_stream_end MediaStream::MediaStream c1 1010/0x58c2f6c8 source 98 <0x7b3e1b70>
 05 07/06/14 13:22:14.148  MediaStream::GetCurrentMediaFile - no file <0x7b3e1b70>
 05 07/06/14 13:22:14.148  MediaStream::GetCurrentMediaFile - no file <0x7b3e1b70>
 05 07/06/14 13:22:14.148  MediaStream::GetCurrentMediaFile - no file <0x7b3e1b70>
 05 07/06/14 13:22:14.148  Media_Plugin::CheckForAlternatePipes no destination for EA 2 Bedroom (Master) <0x7b3e1b70>
 01 07/06/14 13:22:14.148  StartCaptureCard(): Audio Port Device is 38 <0x7b3e1b70>
 07 07/06/14 13:22:14.148  Event #19 has no handlers <0x9abf9b70>

 38 is the default audio on the capture card, but I see no video device id, video device id should be 32; and that is configure correctly for the device in webadmin -> A/V Equipment.

I though i understood what was going on, but now I'm confused again... Any help is much appreciated.

Found a problem with the HVR1600 template where device block isnt filled correctly (it should say /dev/video0) and it didnt say anything, and the port were configure wrong as well (they should have a 0 infront of the port number in extra paramters, 0 being the videoX number).

after fixing the hvr1600 template I get picture but no sound....
cat /dev/video0 > test.ts does produce a file with sound; what am I missing?

Well I think i found the problem.  Im using /dev/video0 tuner for mythtv.  if I stop mythtv-backend, reload the cx18 drivers, start mythtv-backend and access the roku scenario everything sounds and looks great, but once I enter myth again the roku scenarios sound stop working..

Any ideas on what I could do to make these co-exists?

Anyone seen anything like this before?


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