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Intel NUC D54250WY problem

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I have a problem for using a Intel I5 NUC as MD on LinuxMCE 1204.
It give me a kernel freeze on boot.

I have insert a noapic in the tftpboot default file.
This is a little better but it still ends up with a kernel panic.

I've try to boot this NUC with a usb kubuntu 12.04.3 (i386) and have no problem.

I do not know what else to try.

Any idea ?


I have a D54250WY on order, should be here Tuesday. I will do tests and report back.


Hello Thom,

I am eager to know your "diagnostic"! ;-)


Okay, so.

I have the 52450 here, and yes.. it takes some work to get going. I will have to write up a detailed procedure, but, the gist of it is:

Basically, the 54250 NUC has new enough hardware, that the default kernel for precise will not handle it (missing drivers for both the Intel GMA5000 GPU, and the Intel e1000e ethernet adapter.), There is, however, a backport of saucy's kernel and xorg drivers which will remedy this.

Assuming the media director isn't configured (and if it is, you need to delete it)

* install linux-generic-lts-trusty kernel on core
* run /usr/pluto/bin/ to make the trusty kernel the new pxe boot default for unconfigured media directors
* alter /usr/pluto/bin/, line 472, to be TARGET_KVER_LTS_HES="-lts-saucy"
* run, get a few cups of coffee.
* boot the media director, it should do
* reload router.
* let it build, and reboot.
* it should go into AV Wizard.
* Do the AV wizard, let it install everything.

At this point, ConfirmDependencies will try to install the standard packages for X... This is not what we want, so...

open a shell and go to the md, and apt-get install xserver-xorg-lts-saucy

At this point, reboot the md again.

You should then be able to go to the wizard > media directors, find the NUC, and then select vaapi under video acceleration, reload router.

At this point you should have full functionality with the NUC, including VA-API.

You can double check, with CPU usage, with blu-ray movies, you should not see CPU usage over 10%.

If you see more, or stuttering photo screen saver, make sure that the correct xorg is installed, and connect to Xine_Player's screen session to see if the correct driver is being loaded, or if an error results.


Wouldn't it be enough to just chroot into the diskless dir of the MD in question and install the newer kernel instead of upgrading the core as well?


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