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Renovating House (new to LinuxMCE)
« on: June 04, 2014, 01:37:12 am »
Greetings.  My family is renovating a house built in 1976/7, that has an existing Nutone Intercom system in it (which is mostly used to distribute AM radio, 1 station).  The object is to sell the house after renovating it.  I have subfloor to replace in places, so I can get access to wires at least in some places.  I've been around computers in the lab since 1984 and Linux since 1.2.13.

How does a person get AM radio into a Linux media stream?  FM I understand.  Has anyone found a good replacement for Nutone intercom stations?  I noticed 2 threads in 2009 here, haven't read them yet.  There has been a little bit of new hardware added to the market since then.  :-)

I seen that one Canuck had set up his outside plugin to turn on/off his block heater, instead of wasting a lot of electricity.  I'm in NW Alberta, where it gets cold, but we also get chinooks (weather people call them foehn winds).  It's entirely possible for it to be -40C at the end of the work day, and +5C when it is time to go to work (and hence no block heating required).

Electrical codes change.  Current requirements are for arc fault breakers on all circuits that involve sleeping areas, and ground fault protection for areas which can be wet (and not covered by arc fault).  Finally, receptacles are supposed to be tamperproof.  Can a person get home automation receptacles that will work with tamperproof/arc/ground specifications?  I am just building a dbase on this, sorry if it is a FAQ.

Lots of interesting ideas in reading about your projects.  I didn't look for how things are being set up.  From my handle, you might guess that I am a crystallography weenie (Materials Science and Engineering).  I've also done a lot of C and Perl stuff, and minor amounts of about 57 other languages.