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hide mouse cursor on orbiter on joggler

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That setting hides the UI2 cursor, and as it turns out possy wants to hide the UI1 cursor.

Stumbled upon this Stack Overflow answer:

It has an error, but once fixed it works. I submitted an edit to that answer. The correct XBM file contents is this:

--- Code: ---#define blnk_ptr_width 1                                                                                                                                                             
#define blnk_ptr_height 1
#define blnk_ptr_x_hot 0
#define blnk_ptr_y_hot 0
static unsigned char blnk_ptr_bits[] = {
   0x00 };
--- End code ---

as discussed in IRC this has not yet yielded a positive result, but we are on it.

There was no easy fix, but Uplink came around and ported his OrbiterGL change to the UI1 Orbiter, so we can now report back that our jogglers are mouse cursor free.

Thanks Andrew and special thanks to Radu!

Oh in case any of the Joggler users wants the Orbiter binary.


wget to your joggler, chmod +x, create the file in /etc/pluto and kill the current Orbiter process, and you should be good.

Yes!  Thanks Andrew and Radu!



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