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hide mouse cursor on orbiter on joggler

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I wondered if it is possible to hide the mouse cursor on joggler when on the orbiter. I also tried as described here:

it mentions that if it does not work it is because of the program being executed. Could it be that it needs to be changed in the orbiter?

The issue comes from the X11 handling code in Orbiter. It needs to be amended. I've tried to deal with this, several times in the last 6 years, without success, to try and find the offending piece of code.


In Dianemo we have the capability to hide/show the mouse pointer and the cross hairs cursor in the on-screen Orbiter on an MD. See for details. Basically if the file /etc/pluto/orbiter.disable.mouse exists then the Orbiter will not display the mouse pointer or the cross hairs cursor.

I'm sure the changes to the Orbiter source to support this were pushed back to you guys ages ago. Thom check with Radu on this and if you don't have the changes he can provide them to you.

All the best


Those changes do not appear to exist on LinuxMCE's Orbiter.


--- Quote from: posde on May 13, 2014, 12:35:16 pm ---Those changes do not appear to exist on LinuxMCE's Orbiter.

--- End quote ---

Posde check with Uplink on that. I'll mention it to him.


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