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Can an android device run as a media director, say to act as a small footprint audio client? Qorbiter seems to mention only orbiter remote capabilities, however other orbiters run full media director capabilities as well.
Or perhaps another route of achieving the same thing, can LMCE serve Icecast streams to audio clients.
These would allow users to repurpose older android devices as wireless end points and controlled in a Sonos portable speaker scenario.

Not out of the box, no.

Qorbiter is the new orbiter software, and has nothing to do with the other media director capabilities (like playback). On a standard MD other pieces of software will take care of the playback, with the orbiter simply acting as a controller/remote. How this will be for qOrbiter I'm unsure about. I know some built-in media playback has been discussed for qOrbiter, but if that is going to be the way, I don't know.

Other possibilities for android are DLNA or the "standard" android media player (standard as in every manufacturer are free to add their own...) Anyway, for it to be a complete MD (at least for playing audio) we need some way to control playback from the LinuxMCE.


If a squeezeslave exists for Android, that's the easiest way.

This is the squeezebox software I use on some old SGS2, works quite well.


totallymaxed: about a Rpi running Squeezelite? You can build a very low cost little Rpi box + wifi usb dongle that runs Squeezelite and tuck it behind a pair of powered speakers or a small Amplifier. We've used these on a few installations to ge audio into legacy audio systems etc.

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