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Hi Thom!

I modified the template first to re-associate it with Universal Devices (#1163).  That's what I committed early this morning.  Later, I noticed the code wasn't associated, so I started looking into the tables. 

I modified table 'InfraredGroup_Command.FK_InfraredGroup' for all affected rows to match the relevant row from 'infraredGroup.PK_InfraredGroup'.  The old value was 6143 (which matched the Google ChromeCast values), and I changed it to 6102 for the ISY.  I noted the behavior for LMCE creating new command groups, deleted the new (blank) rows, and changed the FK_InfraredGroup value for the pre-existing ones. 

Let me know how you want me to proceed...

Thanks again!


Hi Thom!

I'm guessing that no news is good news, and that I'm on the right track.  I've done another anonymous SQLCVS commit. Would you be able to review it and let me know if it looks OK?  Dec 12th @ 22:20 EST, against Trac #1999.



All of the above changes have been reviewed, and approved. Database looks ok.

Thanks so much!


On a fresh 10.04 install I get the following error in the ISY994i log file.

1479:01   12/13/13 0:08:32.908      Failed loading code: Error loading code:
error: (eval):479:in `require': no such file to load -- mysql, line: 479
. <0xb4fd7b70>


Hi Chris!

Man you're fast!  Been waiting for this for a while, eh?   ;)

My first thought is that you need to go through the web admin, Advanced -> SQLCVS -> Update and then wait a while.  When it says success, you can either reload the router, or reboot the core to have all the auto detection stuff happen via dhcp.  It should detect the ISY, then create the device as a child of the core.  You'll need to change your ISY credentials to match via the web admin, and reload the router.  After that, things should just work as per the wiki page.

If you're still having problems after that, can you pastebin or post the log files here as attachments?  I'll need the <dev#>_Generic _Serial_Device.log and <dev#>_ISY-994i-GSD.log.  Both are located in /var/log/pluto, and can be found using

ls <dev#>_*

Mine are 189_Generic_Serial_Device.log and 189_ISY-994i-GSD.log (as an example).

I'll look at them tonight if you're still having problems.  I think you just got bit by the misaligned code (it got attached to a different device in the SQLCVS number shuffles...



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