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ISY994i Template Release notes

Initial checkin, Trac ticket #1999 committed Dec. 6, 2013 at 22:20 EST.  Would someone be able to review and approve it, please?  Edit: Forgot to mention, it's a SQLCVS anonymous commit...

Wiki Page for driver:

Working Features:

Insteon/X10 Devices and Insteon Scenes
Automatic device creation in LMCE
Automatic creation of Insteon Scenes as dimmable child devices
Generates status update events to LMCE
Control of devices and scenes using orbiters

Future work/To-Do list:
- finish up device status, config routines and logic
- integrate orbiter alerts
- add more events support
- add more device support and verbosity
- Insteon Keypad support (basically implemented using related devices)
- relate ISY folders to LMCE rooms (and logic applied
- Integrate ISY WeatherBug module with 1204's WeatherPlugin



The template has been approved. Thanks Mike!



I've just committed a fix for Manufacturer ID.  It got switched to"Google" in the SQLCVS number shuffle, and was corrected to "Universal Devices".  Fix committed on Dec. 8 @ 0:18 EST via anonymous SQLCVS.

Thanks for the assistance!



I've noticed that the code got tied to the Google manufacturer ID, which meant it wasn't working with the driver the way it should.  I've figured out how to fix it locally by modifying the database tables directly.  I'm not sure if doing a SQLCVS commit now will make things better or worse, so I'll wait on your advice.

Thanks for your assistance with this!  It's greatly appreciated!


What did you modify?



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