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LinuxMCE Rpi2 alpha testing
« on: April 18, 2015, 01:14:01 am »
Hey all,

I wanted to let you all know that Rpi2 development has been speeding along as quickly as possible.  We now have Rpi2 MDs booting in LinuxMCE on 1204 and 1404 cores.  We currently use UI1 but we are still working towards a qOrbiter based MD as well.

Our Rpi2 solution is built completely on Ubuntu Trusty ARMHF so we support almost everything that standard i386 LinuxMCE supports, the exception is some newer game emulators and diskless MDs.  Video, Audio, Games (up to PS1 emulation should be possible but not yet tested), HDMI-CEC control should all be working.

Because we build for Rpi2 on Ubuntu Trusty rather than Raspbian Wheezy we support all ARMv7 cpu instructions, which permits faster execution of many applications than the Raspbian equivalents.  We also support newer libraries for many common functions like audio and video decoding than the Raspbian equivalents permit.

Please follow instructions at

Please file tickets if you encounter issues (somewhat expected at the moment), join us in IRC to talk one-on-one or respond here for any issues you may have.

Happy LMCEing!

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