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Turn off MD based on idle time

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I've been looking into this, and personally i would like to see the idle timer used for the screensaver also user to turn off my MD's.

In my opinion, this has base setting (maybe 1 hour) and adjustable from the webadmin (like the screensaver)

I am willing to research and try to implement this myself, just need some pointers where to start from the LMCE Gods, and some free time.


On a related note, you can also try to suspend your MDs instead of turning them off completely. If this works or not, depends on your hardware and is not enabled by default.
Details are in the wiki.

Generally speaking, the whole system has been designed to stay on at all times, so if you implement this, be sure to make it an option (with the default being like today imo).

I'd say that this could be added to the Orbiter code - I believe it is the one that controls the idle timeout today.


I used to have the MD be turned off at night (at around 2am).

But it took the MD too long to power-on so I just leave it running. One other thing that can't work is the turning on of the pipes after power-on.

For example, atm, when the MD is powered off, and you say: Play TV, the MD will get powered on, but as the DCERouter is stateless, the Play TV never will reach its recipient. So what happens is: The MD will turn on. Full stop. Nothing more. That is not nice. And there is no easy way around this atm, due to the mentioned stateless-ness.

So, all in all, nice idea, but not doable with LinuxMCE without some MAJOR rewrite of the internals.

Actually... *gerbil-wheel-creaking* ;)


Big what if...
What if the core would know if the md is off? i think it already knows. and when play a video, check if md is off, if so, send power on command. when the md is booted, the md sends a "Ready for commands" message. and the core send the command to play media

@LMCE gods
I've looked through the orbiter.h and orbiter.cpp but i dont see how it works. any advise would be appreciated


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