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Android Tablet PC For Automation Control

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Might see if I can get a sample to play with as a fixed android orbiter....

might set it up a a central wall mounted orbiter... might be a clean way of setting up room orbitors

i get back to ya once i jabber with them some more

Hey, that looks very cool. RJ45 connector with POE makes it a winner. Then you don't have to muck about with power bricks and the like. Very nice.

Wonder about the pricing, though...

MOQ 1000 @ ~140USD incl PoE. Just ask for a quote.


Thanks, possy... unit price is reasonable but I think we may battle to drum up 997 other users willing to fork out for this  :P

might order a sample anyhow...   

7 inch is USD 115

9 inch is USD 135

no wifi, zwave, zigbee   just poe

something to play with and maby find a route for smaller orders  :)


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