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Re: Myth MD/Orbiter
« Reply #15 on: December 01, 2014, 06:12:15 am »
Nah, just another developer who is all talk.

We've had plenty of them. All talk, no show.

What he wants to do is not only possible, but doable, with maybe 100 hours of work, including the requisite research. Shorter, if he were to actually talk to us, and work out the details.

But no, it's another person who finds excuses, instead of solutions. So long as he acts like this, none of us have the patience for him.

Ask anyone else who has put in elbow grease on this project, we bend over backwards to help them.



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Re: Myth MD/Orbiter
« Reply #16 on: December 06, 2014, 03:46:13 am »
Thank you so much for sharing your feelings.

There is certainly a lot of rudeness floating around. It might even be useful to put something that measures the rudeness and helpfulness of users clearly visible on the forum. Maybe the attitude is the consequence of LinuxMCE being such a beast and having not developers to get it quickly enough to were we all envision it. The people who do put their time and effort in have such a dedication that whatever time others spend is always a fraction of theirs. Even though I totally agree that being nice will get us much further, please try to see it from their side also. (Thinking of how many good devs we might have lost because of rudeness makes me wanna cry....). We can only hope one day the rude also see that its much better to have as many aboard as possible even if they think a bit differently or spend less time. Everybody has their own path and we can use any contribution however big or small.

I hope you can reconsider and think of all the love that must be here to actually get something big as LinuxMCE into being... not everybody around is rude and even the rude must have some good sides ;-)

True, but if you think it get ugly here, it's much worse in the IRC channel. And let's not discuss the media browser discussion where people feel it's ok to make unilateral decisions. But Linuxmce is flexible enough for me to cut through the bullshit, use what I want to use and do what I want to do. So, really, who cares what some loud asshat is on about. Unless it's posde, it would be hard to get me to break stride. I guess not everyone is built that way, but they are only Internet people. What are they going to do, type in all caps? Linuxmce is the coolest thing since sliced bread and I'll be damned if any chuckleheads get me to leave because I got my feelings hurt.

That being said, I have made an effort to be more welcoming as it takes all kinds to make this project.

Linuxmce - Where everyone is never wrong, but we are always behind xbmc in the media / ui department.


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Re: Myth MD/Orbiter
« Reply #17 on: December 12, 2014, 04:24:32 pm »
True, but if you think it get ugly here, it's much worse in the IRC channel.

Sometimes lurking in the IRC channel with a bowl of popcorn is better than TV.

Not that I've ever done that  :o