Author Topic: Calling experienced Asterisk architects  (Read 3059 times)


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Calling experienced Asterisk architects
« on: July 20, 2013, 03:55:41 am »
We are getting ready to completely nuke the Asterisk configuration we've been using (based on an ANCIENT AMP, which was never fixed for FreePBX), and to do a completely brand new configuration specially tailored for LinuxMCE, from scratch, and I need EXPERIENCED Asterisk architects to help design the new dialplan.

There is a flow being started here on the wiki: ... It is not finished, we know, we are all still adding to it, but there is enough here to start implementing a dialplan for inbound call routing.

Currently I'm doing the initial research, and scribbling down the necessary functionality and working on the flow described above, while testing out some ideas on my system here, Foxi352 is also helping out, as is posde.


If there are any of you in here, please private message me, and I will continue talking with you on email.