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Hello everybody.

I am doing a series of videos detailing the creation of a Weather Plugin, as an example of how to use Plugins to add whole house functionality to Orbiter.

The first video can be viewed here:


Hi Thom

Great stuff, thank you.

Would it be possible to link a Davis weather station to lmce?



every device that has an open protocol can be linked to LinuxMCE.

I am pretty sure that the Davis software is not open protocol but the data is readily usable. Quite a couple of programs are available to utilise the data. I use weewx to watch the web interface on any computer on my network which also pushes it to wunderground. My weather station can be seen here :

Is it possible to replace the flickr screensaver with this web interface?. Or overlay this over the screensaver? (bushtech dreaming)

You would need to alter Orbiter to do this, as we currently have some dependency on Photo_Screen_Saver whenever there isn't video playing. Also, not too sure you could do this, and have it not look like ass.



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