Author Topic: Revamped the Voicemail UI on Orbiter  (Read 2447 times)


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Revamped the Voicemail UI on Orbiter
« on: August 23, 2013, 04:04:20 am »
I am currently checking in a multitude of changes to Telecom_Plugin and to Orbiter, to facilitate a better voicemail screen.

(to forum members: No, I will not back port this to 10.04. This is for the next release. Please don't ask.)

Current features:

* Able to distinguish between new and old voicemails both with textual label and color coding.
* Able to play individual voicemails. Voicemails are moved from new to old while playing, and UI is updated.
* Able to delete individual voicemails, with confirmation. Any deletions also update on other orbiters which may be viewing the same screen.
* Able to skip forward/backward 2 seconds in voicemail.
* Voicemail playback uses resume feature, which for now causes the remote not to display while playing back.
* Able to delete all voicemails for user, with confirmation.

To do:
* Play All. This is actually implemented, and is checked in, however, I have HIDDEN the button for now, because MH Play Media's resume functionality is broken, please see below.
* Caller ID. For some reason, Caller ID is NOT making it across to my individual voicemail metadata text files. It was the last time I did any work on this, and I haven't a clue why. :(
* Squeezebox/Squeezeslave playback. Figure out why this isn't working. Maybe a file access issue.

A note about MH Play Media resume:

MH Play Media has a resume parameter. This was defined by Pluto so that something else could jump in and temporarily replace a playing stream, and when it was done, to return to the previously playing stream (if one existed). It also has the benefit of not changing the active remotes in the room, so as to not confuse anyone.

However, this functionality is currently very broken.

I believe the playback events (playback started/finished) are not properly setting state, and this is causing some weirdness, namely that I can only play one thing in a stream, even if I have multiple MediaFiles in the deque, I only hear the first one, before it drops, and when the stream is finished, the previous stream is not continuing to play. I am trying to track this problem down, as a great number of useful features can be derived from this one flag, which we desperately need, but finding the source of the breakage is not proving to be easy; may take a while for me to solve this, so for now, the Play All button is hidden.

All of the relevant bits are being checked in right now, and will be placed on the list of stuff to build shortly.


(posted simultaneously to telecom working group, and to forum)