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controllable thermostat less than 5" wide?

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What size is the Danfoss Z-Wave thermostate?

the Filtrete 3M-50 is about 7 inches, so that wont fit

Are you US or EU based?
If US have a browse through these

If you are EU based the Horstmann units should fit your space.


I saw this:

It looks like it communicates with the Nest servers not directly with the Nest device though.

Thanks for the help.
  I've found model TZ43 that is 5”x3”x3/4” from Residential Control Systems Inc, and ordered one online for $175 US. If it does not fit or I don't like the look I'll try a 2-piece unit instead.

As for looks, the Honeywell WiFi Smart Thermostat RTH9580WF looks perfect from a size and form factor, but I don't see API info on their WiFi protocol to see if it would have the same issues as the nest.

Thanks again,


Edit:  In case anyone comes across this thread.  The Manufacturer web site said 5x3x3/4, but the specs in the product sheet are 6x4x3/4, and actual size is 5-3/4 x 3-15/16 x 1/2.  I contacted RCS to ask them to correct it.  It does overlap, but it does not look bad.  I' gonna keep it.


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