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controllable thermostat less than 5" wide?

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Good day,
  Out of not wanting to go up stairs to turn down the thermostat all the time I want to get in to home automation.  My problem is where the thermostat is located I only have 5" between the molding around 2 doors (one to a room, the other to the HVAC unit itself).  I'm having no luck finding a z-wave thermostat that with fit in the space I have to work with, so I was hoping someone hear could make a suggestion.  I have not purchased anything yet, so if something not-z-wave would fit, please let me know what controller I could use as well.

Thank you,


Nest is pretty small. 3.2" across and 1.26" deep.

Unfortunately, Nest is not supported, and I don't think the protocol has been reverse engineered enough to have LinuxMCE control it.



--- Quote from: WhateverFits on July 09, 2013, 07:55:45 pm ---Nest is pretty small. 3.2" across and 1.26" deep.

--- End quote ---

The size would be perfect, but I do want to use MCE to coordinate it to work with other devices.  Like way off in the future motorized blinds or space heaters in the few rooms being used.

Thank you again for the suggestion.

Armor Gnome:
My suggestion is manipulate the space.  A good finish carpenter with a good selection of router bits can cut into the molding of each vertical piece and refinish the cut out to look intentional.  It's pretty common in older homes when switches were added after construction.

Alternatively, could a z-wave thermostat be mounted inside the HVAC closet?  If your orbiter controls it there is no real reason to get to its display.  In my home the 2gig thermostat is fairly hidden behind a door that is almost always left open and in the main hallway where the old thermostat was mounted is a cradled WebDT. 

I set that orbiter to "Hallway" as a room, and created over a dozen scenes that only appear when in room 'hallway.' 

Entire house climate scenes: 65, 70, +1, -1.
Hallway scenes: 65, 66, 67, 68, etc...,  heat, cool, fan on, fan auto, +1, -1,

Custom scenes I have tried but couldn't get going: energy save heat, energy save cool.  Where the 2-stage unit uses its slow response mode to slowly reach a temperature.


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