Author Topic: Pledge drive to add Apple Macintosh file share support to LinuxMCE  (Read 3303 times)


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Hello guys,

I am between contracts, and looking for little things that might be very useful to the LinuxMCE community to do, to make sure I can take care of the recent hospital bill.

I have mapped out what needs to happen to add AFP support to LinuxMCE's file server detection and file share adding code, so that shared folders on the mac can be seen by LinuxMCE and subsequently scanned by media, coupled with the recently added AirPlay support, this helps close the integration loop significantly for Apple Macintosh households.

The following needs to happen:

* Add Package definition for afpfs_ng, and add afpfs_ng to pluto storage devices dependencies, (1 hour)
* Add Device Template for AFP share, (1 hour)
* Add support for mounting afp shares to auto.plutoStorageDevices using mount_afp provided by afpfs_ng (2 hours)
* Create Avahi PnP plugin for detecting mDNS-SD devices (such as AFP file servers) (8 hours)

Total time, 12 hours worth of work to produce a working implementation of AFP shares under LinuxMCE for 1204.

I'm asking to possibly raise $500 to get this feature done.

If so, cool, if not, that's okay too.