Author Topic: enable lcme installation on freespire 2 - ubuntu 704 +kde & proprietary options  (Read 3365 times)


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I suggest that lcme be able to be installed on top of freespire 2.  freespire 2 is built on ubuntu 704 with kde, so it should be straightforward and freespire includes the option of installing all the proprietary components.

Freespire 2:
is essentially kubuntu + legally licensed proprietary sw:
LCME 704 is built on kubuntu 704, so it seems like a very good fit.

Linux MCE includes:

media & entertainment with a server for music, movies and tv shows, plus a PVR and DVD Player,
a home automation system to control everything in the home with touch-screen tablet and Bluetooth mobile phone controllers,
a phone system with video conferencing,
a security system that feeds you live video on your mobile phone when something happens, and lets you speak to visitors through your stereos, and
a home PC solution.

Does anyone know if Freespire built on kubuntu or directly on ubuntu?