Author Topic: Respond to event that acts as a custom scenario  (Read 1747 times)

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Respond to event that acts as a custom scenario
« on: March 20, 2013, 01:40:56 pm »
I have read quite a few topics here regarding advanced scenario creation and some information on event criteria however, the challenge I currently face seems to require the control parameters of both.

My D-Link 930L is night-blind.  As a otherwise very reliable wireless camera (from sunset to sunrise) it lacks the ability to see little more than headlights in the evenings.  Instead of replacing it or pulling a piece of AV equipment off of a capture card I decided a good solution would be to install a generic floodlight in that area.  -Interesting how uncommon a 'plain' fixture is, I actually saved money by buying a dusk/dawn sensitive unit and rewiring it to bypass that circuit and connect with a grounded plug to a standard Z-Wave recepticle.
This direct wiring gives me more control over the light setting as I also have a motion detector in the area.  Once configured I can hopefully link the motion detector, light and camera, but still be able to create individual Lighting and Security Scenes. 

Interfaces = Aeon Labs Z-Stick, X10 Technologies CM15A
Lights = Z-Wave Recepticle (named Flood Lights)
Security = M16 X10 Motion Detector
Room = Driveway

Working Events and Scenes:
event: sensor is tripped/security mode check/turn on light
scene: flood light on, flood light off (available on all orbiters)
auto generated: security scene Driveway (camera view)

Desired Event Details:  Regardless of current light status, I would like "begin viewing camera" to fire the light on command to this device.  Likewise an event of "stop viewing camera" should send the off command.  - for simplicity of this event I didnt want to add check for current light status although it would be easy with z-wave.  I also didn't want commands taking too long to poll, compare, respond when I just want the area illuminated when the camera view screen comes up.    

I have not been able to associate viewing the camera with the state if this light.  Regardless of sunset/sunrise and adding devices using the advanced or lighting wizard the single_cam_view pk_screen as specific media does not allow me to send a command to device.

How is viewing of a security camera acknowledged by dcerouter if it is not media?  Because it gets the video through a browser interface I considered tying this event to firefox but could not define a specific site as criteria.  Has anyone successfully handled such an event outside of GSD? 

Note about the motion detector:  Though it may seem odd at first, the motion detector in this area does not actually point in the direction of the driveway and does not detect persons approaching the door.  The front door to my home is a patio door on a breezeway.  Guests are welcome to enter through this door where a more secure door await out of the weather.  When designing our system it was decided that a "security event" should be (of course based on house status) held back until a person actually begins to enter the home and passes the first door.
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