Author Topic: ZWave not able to get EZMotion 3 in 1 up and running with ZCU010  (Read 2543 times)


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Hi all,

just recently bought a EZMotion 3 in 1 PIR to make a start with the security side of things. After having some trouble adding the sensor to my ZCU010 zwave controller I am now in the situation where the system has detected the dectector, but as a Generic Sensor, under template Motion Detector #54.

Status reported is ON/255, allways  ???

According to the wiki,, it should be reported as a multisensor.

Wondering where to go from here as adding stuff like described in the wiki does not lead up to working sensors.

I have attached a log; 1,2 and 3 are homepro dimmers; 4 is the EZMotion and 5 is my ZTH200.

Maybe someone can give me a hint on what to try next?



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