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Directv tcp control

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Template 2159 (DirecTV HR24 IP receiver) exists but had no control codes.

I added codes but have not uploaded a template.  I did upload an HTML file here:,13071.msg94623.html#msg94623.

The codes work but needs some fine tuning.


This is good stuff. I will look at those templates and see if i cant teach myself how to do it. Thanks everyone. I tried the upnp sniffer it didnt pick up that equipment. I assume it is locked down a bit somehow for commercial reasons.


Take a look at,11693.msg81593.html#msg81593

The commands are simple but I never got around to making it work.

I actually had a working template that i've been using for over well over a year now.  The only problem that i have with it is that mce seems to hold the connection open instead of just sending the commands one at a time.  This causing it to be kinda unreliable and i would frequently have to resend the channels to it to get it to tune correctly no matter how long i put a delay in there for.  also,  if you did a reload,  then it would take quite some time before the dtv box started to accept commands again.  This would also be the case if you used a directv app on a phone,  it would cause mce to quit talking to the box for 15 to 20 minutes.  I don't have this problem on other automation systems that i install (control4, savant, or crestron),  they work instantly.  So it must be in some way that the router is handling the connection.

You need to look at the Panasonic iP camera template a bit more closely, it uses close and reconnect to re-establish the socket.

Furthermore, if the device is ANYTHING besides the simplest RS232 or IP control device, then you should absolutely consider rewriting it as a C++ device.



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