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I installed Ubuntu and everything was working fine. I then installed linuxmce but told the system to start on ubuntu (and start lmce from there).

There was a lot of file missing and errors in the installation process but it got done. Now when Ubuntu loads it appears a dialogue box that sais "HAL error" and when I scroll down it doesnt go smoothly.

I guess its something graphic. Can anyone help?


I have the same problem! When starting Ubuntu, I receive "HAL error".

ps: Got the latest updates for Ubuntu

I get the same error, but it hasn't affected my system in any noticeable way. Linux MCE works just fine in spite of this, and as far as I can tell, HAL is in fact working even though it gives me the error message.

You can get rid of the error by going to synaptic and reinstalling HAL.

I could be wrong but I lost all my external USB storage devices until I fixed this. They didn't show up automatically but I didn't try manually.


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