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We're in the process of improving the documentation.
Please help us list the things that you  wish you knew early, things you now realize that were not so intuitive, and things you feel we should know.
In addition to the above, help us pinpoint what's missing in the documentation.

Thank you.

The problem in the wiki, there is lack of uniformity.
Also old information is not updated.
It is a little bit of a mess. I tried to clean it up a little bit, but it is a very big task and needs a long breath.
If you are willing to help, please do.

I already started.
Please propose (describe) a standard page with look and feel, and I will create a template for new pages.
As long as people are willing to answer questions, I can clean up. I need people to work with me by letting me know if it's OK to archive some of these pages. I would also need to make sure the new info is complete. Please follow this thread and answer any question you might have answer for.
For now, I just need a less restrictive account, I'm having problems editing existing pages.


There was a push a while back to clean up the wiki. FWIW, I'll give you my vision of how to improve things. First, we have a single starting point - the "favorites" navigation bar categories seem ideal for this. Second, we get some Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to take responsibility for each category. Third, the SMEs find all wiki articles relating to their subject, and create links to the favorites page. Fourth, the SMEs solicit new wiki articles to fill in the holes. Fifth, we delete all other wiki trees and structures to prevent duplication of effort and misplaced articles.



instead of deleting I suggest marking them as obsolete, except if they are false.


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