Author Topic: Linux MCE beating as the heart of whole house automation  (Read 16801 times)


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Re: Linux MCE beating as the heart of whole house automation
« Reply #75 on: October 01, 2012, 06:01:32 pm »
afaict, those are just regular LED lights. Nothing KNX specific. Please verify with them what kind of key pads, what kind of dimmer and what kind of IP interface they offer. To me, this does not look like a KNX install.
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Re: Linux MCE beating as the heart of whole house automation
« Reply #76 on: October 01, 2012, 06:30:02 pm »
The above is all they sent me, and I can't afford the cost. Unless there is any value in getting the info, I think I'd rather move on.
You seem to know what's needed, please point me in the right direction so I can do it at a lower cost.

Is it possible for me to use the suppliers you mentioned? Do they carry US compatible equipment?

EDIT: I just checked my pricing: The list price for my installation was around 38EUR/light, plus around 450EUR for one-of equipment, like gateway and PSU. Doing a bit of shopping around, it is easy to get price down to ~25EUR/light, and around 250EUR for one-of equipment.

Where did you source this?

- whole house music

either get squeezeboxes for the zones where you don't have a LMCE MD or use soft squeeze on the core with an audio distribution system

Can I sync the payers when playing music on multiple MDs while keeping the ability to play different tunes when the situation changes? (in other words, are the players independent by syncable on demand?)

  • Dedicated power circuit for the wiring closet with your equipment.Run the light fixture in the closet off of a separate circuit. (In case you have to do power work in there, you still have light to work by)

Does the dedicated circuit for the equipment, or both need to carry the load of the lights in the case of KNX?

I run my KNX wires directly alongside my 230V power cables, my CAT6 and CAT7 cabling, 3x 30m speaker wire, and the low voltage stuff from my 30kWh peak PV installation, without any problems.
What gage / type of wire ate the KNX wires?
The KNX cable is specified to be put together with high voltage (230V) cabling.
Does this mean they are regular electric wires? (control cables)
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