Author Topic: Dianemo S: UpdateMedia und Umlauts  (Read 8784 times)


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Re: Dianemo S: UpdateMedia und Umlauts
« Reply #15 on: September 13, 2012, 12:21:43 am »
Ok understood. Well it looks like we will have to do a database wide conversation/update for UTF-8 to fix this issue. We're looking into how we approach this and will release an update when we have completed it. It will be at least several weeks away however as we already have a number of other updates scheduled or in development.


after making those general changes to mysql, i also adjusted the pluto_media database, so that all fields are utf8_general_ci and colation the same.

But still in the importing process it transform all special characters to _ | and so on.
Bad thing is that the id3v tag od the mp3 file is also changing, so one can then start again to tag those files.

i believe, after changing the databse to utf8, updatemedia has to be changed to be utf8 conform.

i believe uplink did that in the past, as i tested his version a year ago or so.