Author Topic: Anyone know the best way to keep MythTV recordings from showing up under "Video"  (Read 1687 times)


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I am seeing a number of conflicting threads/tutorials on this forum about how to do this and wondered if anyone had a solid solution for 8.10. The problem is that mythTV does a better job of playing back these recordings than the current xine player and so I really don't want them cluttering up the dvd collection. Also, I have a huge data disk that I put all the data on and I don't want my startup disk that runs linuxmce to fill up with mythtv recordings before it goes and finds the other disk to download to.

The solutions (and problems) I have found so far:

One tutorial suggests creating a new folder and then "touching" it to keep the media from updating it:

However, that suggestion has met with a lot of developer wrath...and would likely need to change the directory of the scripts for installing and maintaing the mythTV databases.

Another suggestion, from CHT, says to put the recordings outside the /public/data directory so it won't be scanned and updated in the database, but, again, that seems to be in conflict with scripts put in place by linuxmce to install and update. I would prefer to make one change that is not overwritten later by a script that runs automatically or is overwritten by and upgrade.

Seems like a trivial problem, but there is enough conflicting info out there that I thought I would ask for your advice first.

In advance, thanks for your suggestions


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Why don't you change the way the media director sorts the list to sort by source (or file type, if different)? Or else, maybe you could use private tags on recordings... I don't know if you can set attributes on recordings like that,... but it's potentially worth a shot.
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