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I'm using 'Google Reader' to keep up to date with a lot of sites.
Also for the wiki page of LinuxMCE.

But for this, i've got a lot (very lot) of updates about articles...
Is there a way to limit this?

Maybe only new articles should be announced?

I am currently merging the essential pages and bringing the basics together, i started by editing directly and realized that it was going to create too much of a log, so I started editing offline. the updates that you received were probably from the time I was editing directly.
You should receive less feeds now that I moved my editing offline, but expect it to keep happening until i'm done (at least with the entry point articles). I have been at it for a week full time, and expect to put another 2 weeks in it. You can use that timeline to decide what to do with your feed settings.


atm the wiki does not log stuff on recent changes if you click "This is a minor edit"


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