Author Topic: AV Switching to settop box with Wiimote  (Read 1418 times)


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AV Switching to settop box with Wiimote
« on: August 28, 2012, 10:32:37 am »
Baby steps here....

Currently I have my TV-room media director connected to my TV as a VGA input. My settop box connects to the TV as composite video input. Very simple.

So to watch TV, I have to use the TV remote to switch input source, then the settop box remote to change channels etc etc. If I want to go back to linuxmce, I have to switch the TV source back to vga.

The big step would be to stream the output of the settop box to a capture device (would have to be usb because the MD is a laptop) and then into MythTV (afaik VDR doesn't do USB capture devices or am I wrong?)

But if there is a rule #4 that I've personally discovered with linuxmce it is to take baby steps. Learn how one bit works before trying to throw it all together in one go. That also works nicely with my wallet.

So, with that in mind, my next step is to carry on with the AV Switching method but try to make it a bit more seamless and cut down the number of remotes! I'm waiting for an IR receiver/transmitter device to arrive that I hope will work to control the settop box and TV. But my question is this-

Obviously, if I'm using my media director to tell the STB and TV what to do, I won't see any onscreen feedback like I do with UI2.... so that means that trying to use a remote like the Wiimote I'm currently using is going to be a Wii bit difficult? No, I take that back, it is going to be impossible. Without seeing the pointer on the screen I can forget about it. So, that means my only option with AV Switching is:

  • Switch to a single IR remote that can send a code like "Vol up" that can be received by the IR receiver and transmitted to the appropriate device (the MD if I'm watching media off that or the STB if I'm watching Sat TV)?

Thoughts? Pity, because I'm rather enjoying using the Wiimote but I guess I'll be able to come back to it when I go to the streaming input option and I'm then watching the STB output via a LMCE device?

Thoughts and advice welcome please...