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I started a glossary page on the wiki, for explaining basic terms to new users, especially those unfamiliar with media centers, home automation, etc.

It can be found by searching for the word, "Glossary," in the search field on the wiki.

There is no substantive content there yet. The idea is to explain things like; what 1080p is, what an ATA is, what DHCP is in very basic terms, what a network switch is, what a script is, what the various wireless standards are (and maybe the frequencies they operate at in various countries), etc.

Ideally, it shouldn't be a place for editorializing. But rather it should be; simple, factual explanations of things that the uninitiated may not know. Internal & external links should be encouraged.

I figured it would be a good idea. Please contribute. Thanks.

PLEASE - when you add a new page to the wiki, FILL IT WITH CONTENT! Don't ask others to do the work. There are already way too many skeleton pages not filled with useful content.

So, either fill it, or delete it.

I intend to... I just didn't have the time to do so completely...

Armor Gnome:
If your goal is a combined effort glossary of lmce and home automation terms, why not build the page here on the forums?  Start a single thread called something like "terms for the wiki", then as people contribute with thread responses you update the first post of the thread to what the Wiki page will contain.  When its substantial and thread replies slow down, then move it to the Wiki as a new page.

just a thought.

The goal is a place to send new users who are unfamiliar with things (like what the various video resolutions are, what ATSC, NTSC are, etc.) and can (and prefer to) look them up on their own... along with links to the relevant parts of the wiki...

But if people want to contribute terminology in this thread,... I'm all for that. I'll be adding a few terms tonight/this weekend, and building from there.


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