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The Wiki should point users to the forum for creating an account.


The Wiki's Log-in and maybe Main page (alternatively make a Create an account-link by the Log-in link), should notify users that they need to create an forum account and use that to log into the wiki with.

Armor Gnome:
I would like to offer my experience today getting signed into the wiki.

I was unable to use my username and password from the forums to sign into the wiki.  I triple checked my password by logging out of the forums and having to manually type username and password back in.  I then went to the wiki and typed the same username and password to have it tell me that there was no user by that name.

I then created a new user account "armorgnome2" using a separate email account and was able to sign into the wiki.  Perhaps because my account was created in 2009 and never registered with the wiki then I somehow was not included in a database of current users that the wiki looks at?

I also agree that the register process was confusing as the link says "login or register" but there is no instruction or link to register with the forums at that destination.

There was a problem with wiki spammers, which is why you have a complicated process to sign up for the wiki... It isn't. much of a problem any longer since the change. Please realize that the wiki is a work in progress,... it's only as complete as the users and devs make it. This is an open source community project, after all.

Once you get your account problem straightened out, please help to clean things up a bit... Just don't go crazy with it... Help by cleaning up phrases, paragraphs, punctuation, etc. ... until you are confident that you can make beneficial substantive changes.

Armor Gnome:
Just wanted to share that experience.  I have my page up now and is probably as far as I will go with it.

The above issue has been resolved: please look at the Contributing to LMCE page.
I added instructions on the Tutorials/Guides landing page, but we need an icon like the one for the progammer's guide, probably something along the line of "Community documentation guide" or "Wiki editing guide", in order to make it obvious.


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