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Transfer core to new physical machine>
« on: September 09, 2012, 11:56:39 pm »
(blah blah's eliminated)


Acquired a SuperMicro P4DP8-G2 (2 dual core xeons, 6G ram, 900ish GB raid 5, OS on 40GB separate boot drive, clean)

Ran DVD installer on it and made it through everything without issue, using UI1 of course

Accidentally rebooted via PXE into existing lmce network

Current core recognized it as a Media Director with a large file share.

Disconnected it and removed it from current core devices - mythtv setup had to be rerun as it wanted to write to that array


Is there a supported method for transferring core duties and databases to another machine from my current core?

            - (most of my devices install quickly but MD rebuilding with some custom xorg files would need to be redone)

Will installing a 32bit PCI graphics card in one of my 64bit PCI-X slots slow the bus speed of my 3ware raid controller?

           - (working fine as a hybrid/core currently on ATI Rage XL, though I haven't tried mythtv backend setup, I have access to
            a few cheap 32bit PCI nvidia and ati cards)

If I installed a few PCI-X network cards into this machine, could they connect to two other MD machines in the rack? 
          - (current nics are eth0 in from external, eth1 out to external switch) I want to save switch ports if able and let the new
            core talk direct to nearby network devices on additional NIC cards.  2-4 port gig NIC PCI-X cards are easier for me to get
            than gig switches through my vendor)

Can my existing core once wiped as setup as MD + network share, also handle mythtv backend duty?

         - (I have quite a few SATA drives on this machine and do not have any issues leaving it on 24/7 in the rack with the new core)
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