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New VOIP provider info to share
« on: July 20, 2012, 07:30:36 pm »
Well not exactly new,  apparently PhonePower bought Broadvoice (since 8.10 anyways) and is doing some pretty alluring packages depending on your call needs.  I went with the unlimited in-state + local 911 and will just use my cell provider for out of state calls.  If you are interested in checking out VOIP and give this company a call make sure to explain you intend to activate and get access to your SIP credentials.  This will place you on their "Aquarius Network" apparently if you do not specify it can be an ordeal to move networks in their system later...

Yes Rule #3 (up above) exists but I am posting the following for anyone so inclined to create a config profile for them in Broadvoice's place.

Port:                                 Protocol:
12060                                UDP - Sip Port
12061                                UDP - Sip Port
5060                                 UDP - Sip Port
5004                                  UDP - RTP Port
5012                                 UDP - RTP Port
4200                                 UDP - Web port for their remote access
23                                    TCP - Telnet for remote access to device
4192                                 TCP - Provision Port

User name in setup is NOT your account name, it is definitely your phone number.
This provider does not resolve IP differences if you are not correctly port forwarded through any external firewall or if you're on a dynamic IP
Method of activation. 
When you receive your device (that is if you don't have your own,  I took it for the free ATA and didn't mention Asterisk) be sure to activate through your external network with a direct call to them, and not through a softphone on your lmce network.  After you place your first call and it configures itself you can move it to the internal network. 
1004 recognized it right away and set it up under Asterisk, Budgetone 100 with 2 line outs, created as seperate child devices of the Budgetone 100.
After initial activation you log into their web page with your 'website' password and username.  Go to the modify services page and read their warning about not supporting any customer owned equipment etc etc.  After you click accept your SIP password, domain, phone number and username (your phone number) is revealed.

I have had the service for a little over a week now,  I cant comment on call clarity because I have yet to get Asterisk working under 1004.  ???

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