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So i FINALLY got this thing sort of up. But when it starts the media center i just get a gray screen and nothing else. also... in the setup of my video card, no matter what i changed the options too, it stayed the same. all i know is that it took me under an hour to get windows media center up, running, and recording. and that is with installing the OS. it has taken over two hours to just get this thing to almost start.

i'm stuck at this same point too
i chose dedicated so it would start mce before ubuntu, it just boots to a grey screen with a mouse cursor
then i can drop back to a terminal ctrl+alt+f1, login, run startx and ubuntu starts fine, launch mce from ubuntu andi end up at the grey screen of death

i've tried a bunch of things along the lines of my video card as well to no avail

i think i'm at like 4 hours now ;p

out of the box my annus. false advertising lol.

would this be a video driver problem/ xorg.pluto issue, or maybe a problem with the UI selected? anyone try using a different UI and see if they can get LinuxMCE up and running?

how can i get to select a different UI? i cant get out of the grey screen, and i dont know how to get to the setup?


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