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How do I install MCE from the CD?

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I d/l'd the .iso but when I put it in the CD drive and mount it, nothing happens.

there are installation instructions online

I read the instructions at the MCE site but they stated that an icon would appear on the desktop.  That did not happen.

You didnt DL both items needed liek the instructions stated.

DL the iso.

Dl the installer file from the main page.  I think it ends with .deb?

Run it on the Ubuntu then you will get teh "install LinuxMCE" icon.

I am having a similar issue. Except on my ubuntu box, my network card is not recognized by ubuntu. I D/L the installer and the MCE disk on windows. the MCE disk ubuntu recognizes. But it does not see the deb file once I burn it to CD. I am using padus disk juggler. Any help on this would be appreciated. the network card I have in my linux box is a trendnet te100pciwn.

They do have drivers for it for linux for redhat 6. Would they still work on Ubuntu? But copiling them I have no idea how to do.


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