Author Topic: Geovision GV-800 works perfectly in MCE but is not detected in the wizard  (Read 3617 times)


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I've been talking about MCE to friend for a while and finally convinced him to install, he doesn't now much about Linux so he brought his pc to my house so I could install it, when I saw his capture card for surveillance cameras was a Geovision GV-800 I thought it would not work, I searched the forums, the wiki and and google, and all I found was people with the same problem: no support for Geovision.
In the wizard when the inputs are listed for configuration no device is displayed in the box. I tried to add a generic card via web admin and configure generic analog cameras but I had no hope it was going to work, the next day we connected the cables to the cameras in his house and I was really surprised to see all the 16 cameras working perfectly.
The only trick was that this card is detected as 4 different cards with 4 channels each.
I'm not sure if this is the best place for writing this but users with the same hardware have to find this record somewhere, right? if not please tell me where I should post.
I have been using MCE only for a few days and I am now trying to understand how to setup recording for these cameras, any helpful link?



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I confirm this in my 1004 instalation i have gv800  and all 16 cam work.
 only need to  use this to configure