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Why the split?
« on: March 17, 2007, 09:48:07 pm »

Ok, for quite some time, I've been getting into Linux and also thinking that some sort of networked PVR would be cool, particularly commercially (I was the IT manager for a school and was looking at the possibilities for delivering video to classrooms.) Then I discovered MythTV. WOW I thought, gotta get that. Just as I was researching it, Pluto appeared on the radar. WowWow, but without seeing a "proper" demo I wasn't sure how much time and effort to put in. Suddenly, I stumble across LinuxMCE with a DEMO VIDEO!!!! WowWowWow!!!!

So, I start to have some questions (please bear with me!) as to what the "best" system would be as well as some others.

  • First up, why the fork from Pluto? What differences are there / will there be?
  • Is LinuxMCE at the moment the same as Pluto (i.e. dedicated Core or Hybrid option) or is it more like a souped up Myth?
  • I'm in the UK. Does all the downloading of program guides work here as well?
  • I currently have a (defunct NTL) cable feed and a satellite (sky) feed. I have no aerial. What cards should I get if I want minimal impact on the family. (Ideally, I'd like, for the time being, to leave the sat box alone. So I'm thinking DVB-S and / or DVB-C cards, but where from? How many LNBs do I need? etc etc.
  • The video says a syste, can be assembled for as little as $400. What spec are we talking about here?
  • Although the mobiles are cool, I like the gyro-mice better. I'm thinking of a mini-ITX based system for my media directors / MythFrontEnds. Are these up to the job? (I'm considering on-board TV-out and diskless pxe booting. This should be low powered and fairly cheap, but could I have the cool UI? I'm ythinking of the kids rooms, etc.
  • For locations like the kitchen, I'm thinking touch-screens rather than mice. Anyone done this / have advice to offer?
Long list, I know, but I have very little money to throw at the system, so don't want to wast any (or any time, for that matter!)

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Re: Why the split?
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2007, 07:15:27 am »

- I found the following article, describing the goals of split: History of LinuxMCE
- As far as I can see, LMCE is a fork of PlutoHome, so it has all the features (i.e. core/router/orbiters), so it is definitely not a 'souped MythTV'


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Re: Why the split?
« Reply #2 on: March 22, 2007, 11:13:38 am »
It seems like the most important point imo that is on that history page is the desktop mce idea that would enable this mce to be an option on all desktop that a novice and advanced user alike can use. Personally this is one giant step that needs to be taken in order to advance the desktop market due to Apple and Microsofts adamant explorations into the living/family/game room for market share.

Looking forward to see what this project develops into.