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Internal network control
« on: December 10, 2011, 06:04:01 am »
I think it is possibly desired by many who have kids. It would be very helpful to have parental control on LinuxMCE which is home network gateway, to filter out unwanted content and/or have control when/where your kids computer can go. On one hand I understand that Linux community stand on position of openness to the world, on the other hand my 10-years-old kid was telling me how he landed up on the web site where naked man was showing his d...k and to all of us who have kids it is a problem. I don't have dip pocket by I willing to put some money behind some perental control to be built in to LinuxMCE.
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Re: Internal network control
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See my User page on the LinuxMCE Wiki for a description of my system configuration (click the little globe under my profile pic).


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Re: Internal network control
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