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DirectTV or Dish Network
« on: November 09, 2011, 05:02:46 pm »

I'm looking at dropping my Brighthouse cable due to repeated signal and lost channels issues over the last several months.  Fios is still not available so I am looking at Satellite.  DirectTV and Dish network are the available options.

Can anyone that has their DirectTV or Dish network satellite integrated into their LinucMCE systems please give some feedback and their experiences.



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Re: DirectTV or Dish Network
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2011, 06:08:25 pm »
Hi. I am using Dish Network at home. Free HD for life, 2 ViP211K HD receivers, and 1 ViP612k HD DVR. All hardware installed for free.

Current Configuration:
ViP211k - 1 : USB-UIRT codeset 1 on core, hooked to tuner 1 on a PVR500 card - SVideo/White/Red - Schedules Direct
ViP211k - 2 : USB-UIRT codeset 2 on core, hooked to tuner 2 on a PVR500 card - SVideo/White/Red - Schedules Direct

ViP612k - : USB-UIRT codeset1 (ViP211k) on Living Room MD, hooked to HDMI 2 on LG 50PV450 TV.
 - this one is only viewable currently in Living Room, until I acquire an HD PVR box.
 - it is switched automatically to HDMI 2 over serial controlled LG TV, and the USB-UIRT in this room controls the IR
 - all this is setup automatically using the Connections Wizard with Sarah or via the Webadmin page.

Good selection of programming, they brought all hardware and hooked it up. The installer was intrigued by my core setup in basement.

The ViP211k's are SD and available to every media director as well as MythTV.
The ViP612k is only in use in the Living Room, but the orbiters/remotes control it.

I created a template for all 3 devices. And I used 2 IR codesets.

If you need the IR codes for codeset1 and codeset2, let me know, I will post them.
If you need instructions on how to set a second receiver, if it is to be in same location like mine on the core, I can also post instructions on how to change it's codeset.

Overall a very good experience.
Went into MythTV and set up a "as close to HD on SD" configuration as I could get. All recordings are 16:9 and SD recordings went from 2.1G/hr to 3.1G/hr.  I used this wiki page to tweak MythTV settings, from step 6 on:

Let me know if you need anything else.

Best Regards,
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