Author Topic: 1004 apt-get upgrade downloads all packages  (Read 1158 times)


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1004 apt-get upgrade downloads all packages
« on: November 08, 2011, 09:16:23 pm »
Likely this is a basic question because I don't really understand the apt package updating system...

I'm running 1004 and every day when I run apt-get upgrade it downloads 440MB of packages:

Code: [Select]
lmce-autotagger lmce-game-db lmce-launch-manager lmce-linux-igd lmce-mediatomb
  lmce-mythtv-scripts lmce-picture-plugin lmce-picture-viewer lmce-skins-slate lmce-skins-titanium lmce-skins-uita
  lmce-update-system mce-diskless-tools pluto-add-software pluto-app-server pluto-asterisk pluto-avwizard
  pluto-avwizard-skin-basic pluto-boot-scripts pluto-capture-card-scripts pluto-confirm-dependencies pluto-convert-mac
  pluto-createdevice pluto-database-settings pluto-dcecommon pluto-dcerouter pluto-dhcpd-plugin pluto-disc-drive-functions
  pluto-disk-drive pluto-disk-monitor pluto-dummy-console-tools pluto-dynamic-dns pluto-generic-serial-device
  pluto-hal-device-finder pluto-hald pluto-hdhomerun pluto-install-scripts pluto-libresolution pluto-libserial
  pluto-local-database pluto-mcr-remote pluto-media-database pluto-messagesend pluto-messagetrans pluto-mythtv-plugin
  pluto-network-storage pluto-newmdinteractor pluto-orbitergen pluto-orbiterinstaller pluto-photo-screen-saver
  pluto-pluto-main-db pluto-pluto-media-db pluto-pluto-security-db pluto-pluto-telecom-db pluto-plutodhcp pluto-plutoutils
  pluto-pnp-detection pluto-proxy-orbiter pluto-qos pluto-ra pluto-raid-tools pluto-remoteassistance pluto-sample-media
  pluto-sdl-helpers pluto-security-database pluto-serializeclass pluto-shiftstate pluto-simplephone pluto-skins-basic
  pluto-slim-server-streamer pluto-slimserver-plugin pluto-sound-card-scripts pluto-sqlcvs pluto-std-plugins
  pluto-storage-devices pluto-system-database pluto-telecom-database pluto-test-serial-port pluto-text-to-speech
  pluto-updateentarea pluto-updatemedia pluto-voicemail-monitor pluto-website-admin pluto-windowsce-libraries
  pluto-x-scripts pluto-xine-player pluto-xine-plugin pluto-zwave-lighting

Doesn't look in SVN like all of these packages have been updated recently. (When 810 was under development, apt-get upgrade would only upgrade packages which had updates)

Is my 1004 system behaving as it should?


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Re: 1004 apt-get upgrade downloads all packages
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2011, 09:36:21 pm »
1004's build has been run a few times recently...any time the build is run, all packages are updated. This is because the system is under development, and we need to make sure everything is in sync.



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Re: 1004 apt-get upgrade downloads all packages
« Reply #2 on: November 09, 2011, 02:27:33 am »
Makes sense, thanks Thom