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Bluetooth Tech
« on: July 08, 2005, 12:50:49 pm »

I'll start of by saying that I'm completly new to this project and I haven't used it. Although it seems nice.

Second, how do you do this Bluetooth stuff? OBEX PUSH over an app to a Symbian Series 60 phone and somehow autolaunch it as far as I know.
This application of yours, is it J2ME-based or Python based? (There is Python support on Series 60 Phones... dunno if it's on all phones though)
If you got a J2ME based app, there is about 35 phones (maybe some PDA included) that support JSR 82 (bluetooth support), so why is it limited to Series 60?

Some older phones based on Symbian that's bluetooth enabled, such as the sonyEricsson T610 (still fairly much in use I would say), could have a limited interface. If you'd like a less generic solution you could fetch keypresses from Symbian phones over RFCOMM with event reporting. Wrote a plugin for Freevo that does this, abouta year ago (2500 downloads;)

How do you navigate a webpage, displayed on a TV from a cellphone? ^^
Do you do some keyboard-emulated-mouse thingy? Is it usable?

Is the phone-"core" connection always there? If yes, this would drain battery pretty fast. (Dunno about the figures on Series 60 phones, but the 'new' 3G enabled Nokia have bad battery life)

More general things, you seem to lack a "General"-part (haven't really looked into it though, I find your site hard to navigate (not the forum however, that's generic enough)):

That got alot longer than it should be. ah.

Controlling other systems or 'things found in my house', such as lightning. How is this done? Do you need a already exsiting system to plug into and control, or is there something that can be home-built?

What part of Pluto do you figure work over here in Europe? Everything?


Erik Pettersson


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Bluetooth Tech
« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2005, 09:04:16 am »
Lots of questions...  Yes, it's an obex push of our own Symbian C++ app.  Our app is C++--not Java.  That's why it runs on Series 60.  However the part that runs on the phones is super simple.  The hard part is the software which runs on the PC--it handles all the logic and renders the screens.  The phone software only displays graphics and forwards keystrokes, so it would be easy to port to J2ME.

Regarding navigating, the phone's joystick moves the mouse, and you can type.  However, normally if you really want to use the webpage you use a tablet orbiter or a wireless k/b and mouse.  The phone is just normally used for static pages, like weather or traffic, where you hit a button to view and another to close.

Yes, the connection is always there.  The connection doesn't drain battery life, but leaving bluetooth on does.

re: lack a general part...  Could you be more specific?  What were you looking for?  Where did you look, and where did you expect to find it?  If you have specific recommendations I can forward them to the web site team--they're always tweaking the site to try to make it easier to use.

For controlling other things, you use whatever PC controllable lighting/automation devices you want, like x10, Lutron, 1Wire, EIB, etc.  You could build your own and write drivers, although some devices are so cheap it's not worth it.

Yes, everything works in Europe--we have lots of installations there and dealers too.