Author Topic: My upgrade from my old 810 alpha (+ update) to 10.04  (Read 1325 times)


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My upgrade from my old 810 alpha (+ update) to 10.04
« on: November 05, 2011, 12:57:16 pm »
It's been a while since I wanted to take the plunge and I did the last weekend.
I reinstall my system alpha 810 + upgrade to a 1004.
First impression ... the installation script runs without apparent problem.
As against the following configuration asked me a few problems:
- The detection of a nova-t 500 card seems to close all the time and if you answer yes to the detection, the system declares two new tuners each time. Not understanding what was happening, I ended up with at least 5 cards each with 2 tuners!
- The Zwave seems not to work properly. I preferred reinstall everything after a reset of the existing network but I am now blocked to include new devices. I only managed to add one (ZRP230) on my SELUXIS ZW-USB-SERIAL controller + TrickleStar 200ZW-EU.
No way to add more (ZRP230, ZDP230, etc. ???).
Is it related to the 1004?
- Asterisk seemed to work but since the update last Tuesday I can no longer register with my SIP provider.
In addition it seems that the config of a Cisco 7970 phone is not perfect because mine keeps his old number (204) while the new Asterisk installation starts with the numbers 1, 2, 3, etc ...
Cisco can not register with asterisk.

Here is an initial inventory for my case.
I continue to look for what I could do to get it working normally, but for now I stuck ...

Oh yes ... can we ensure not having to reload the router 4-5 times in a row when we change something?
I wonder if here too there is not a malfunction.

Anyway thank you for your work.
There is really changes!

And do not pay too much attention to my English, I use Google;-)